Rare Roblox Usernames and Why They Exist

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I’m pretty sure you already know about this, but I’m creating this post for the people who are not aware about it: Rare Roblox Usernames. I’ll be covering all the types of rare Roblox usernames and how they are possible.

The Spaced Username

There are people surprisingly with usernames with spaces in between them such as ‘Roblox Alpha Player’ and these people are not banned. The reason why? Way back, Roblox used to allow people to have spaced usernames until 2006/2007, meaning they would not be banned.

The Underscore (formerly rare, not as much)

Usernames with underscores used to be allowed way back in Roblox’s early stages, but then was later removed in 2006/2007 for no reason. They used to be rare until that feature was added back in 2016, where you were allowed to have usernames with underscores in them again.

The Special-Characterized Username

When Roblox was first released, they didn’t have any limits on how you could have registered your username as (if it had a special character, space, etc.) until now. There have been people bypassing though this limit. A prime example would be the user Mactep. What’s so rare of his username is that it has a special character on it (the letter T but russian version), which isn’t allowed. As of writing this post, he is banned.

The Certain Lettered Username

There are usernames with a certain amount of letters in their username. For example, there are users called ‘qa’ (now banned), ‘aaa’, ‘e1e4’ and so. These are popular because of how short they are. You can not get a 2 characterized username, but everything above that is available. It is so rare that even these kinds of accounts are being sold on Roblox forums.

This is all we have, but stay tuned and we’re updating this post every now and then.

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