Roblox Tracking Audio for Mobile Users?

Roblox has recently came under fire by mobile/tablet users after a morning where they were greeted with the following screen:

I’m not sure why they would need your microphone to find players around you. For that, I’d think you would want to use a GPS. This is kind of creepy, considering the fact that the audio recorded might be collected. Maybe they’re going to try hear you talk to your friends about Roblox. Whatever reason they have, it’s very weird.

Upon pressing the Start Friending button, there are a couple of noises being made.

We don’t know now if this is just a test update or if this is permanent. You can tell us what you think about this new update in the comments below. If you are still hungry for information, Greenlegocats123 has made a video about this topic that you should watch:

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